Our first ‘Guest Poetry Curator’: Rachel!

Guest Poetry Curator April – May 2015: Rachel Arnold

Rachel: “I have been writing poetry since I was 11 years old. I found out many poets throughout the ages used their talents to make social statements and stand up and be a voice for human rights. There are many who have done that including John Clare who comes from Northamptonshire like me. A platform like the Leaveners Poets Corner is where many stories can gather, and it will be interesting which poets will reveal themselves. Words are more than just words. They are like tools that dig deep into your mind and make you smile. The way we think influences our lives. “

Rachel has published her own poetry through ‘Forward Poetry’. In the past year Rachel has been taking her poetry a step further, upon noticing a poetry ‘explosion’ throughout the UK. She is now looking forward to sharing her adventures of traveling through her poetry. Keen to start exciting projects mixing poetry with community gardening, music, videos and art exhibitions, Rachel has also found the time to volunteer as our first Guest Poetry Curator!

Rachel is now working hard to find the first Poet to showcase their work during the month May 2015… Keep an eye out!

Find out more about Rachel’s art and poetry on at www.facebook.com/WaterProphetArts


4 thoughts on “Our first ‘Guest Poetry Curator’: Rachel!

  1. Tarek says:

    Hello racheal
    I hope that you can remembre me i know you from years ago in Asilah morroco
    My ñame is Tarek i woullde love to get in contact with you


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