The Rag Doll

To Fellow Rag Dolls Living With Cerebral Palsy

Silk, linen, velvet, cotton, wool;
Made from all sorts; textures, fabrics,
Buttons, ribbons, hips made from zips,
Whoops-a-daisy and falling to bits.

Her heart is made of golden fluff,
Her smile is stitched shining bright,
Now and again she’s not there, quite,
Her spirit shines like ultra violet light.

Droops, dangles her limbs and neck,
Durable to all types of wear and tear,
Broken, damaged here and there,
People stare; she just does not care.

Battling, juggling impossibilities,
Shining diamond sequined eyes,
Always ready to give you a surprise,
Like a cartoon, she’ll always survive.

Has trouble with her physical being,
Words tangled in the laces of her head,
Still figuring out what you have just said,
Jerking, jolting to the day she’s dead!

Month of May Kuli Kohli

Rag Doll Pamplet


7 thoughts on “The Rag Doll

  1. Leaveners says:

    Via twitter: ‘The poem an honest & courageous account. A voice that deserves to be heard.’ Rosamunday


    • Kuli Kohli says:

      Thank you Rosamunday. Yes, a voice that needs to be heard. I have been trying very hard to get the right balance with Rag Doll. It has been enjoyed by all types of audiences. Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. jorinebeck says:

    Dear Kuli, I love how your writing speaks to the imagination through the details you rpovide… your poem is sharp and honest, but hopeful and positive at the same time!


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