Season Of Freedom

WolverhamptoncanalRightAfter the long, miserable captivity of winter,
there is a sprig of light.
I feel I have been freed from a dark cell,
a treacherous, frozen fight.

My escape comes with new vibrant life
as doomed icicles melt.
Hope for people as restricted as me-
a freedom that’s heartfelt.

I step into the green, where blossom falls-
celebrating a liberty of ease;
I feel as I can fly among migrating birds
after the gaoling frosty freeze.

Stripped naked trees once again clothe
in budding green shaded outfits;
in confidence, creatures camouflage
to a safety that secretly outwits.

I love spring; it carries a gliding freedom
of happiness, colour, life.
Where days are longer, warmer, sunnier;
I can walk, smile without strife.

Month of may Kuli Kohli



4 thoughts on “Season Of Freedom

  1. Bob Ward says:

    The sense of freedom brought by the arrival of spring is something we can all share. In the poem I felt that the fourth verse did not run as smoothly as the other four. For example had you considered making the first line:
    Stripped naked trees clothe once again ?
    Or maybe that verse could be set aside?


    • Kuli Kohli says:

      Thank you for your comment, Bob. I get where you’re coming from with the word order. I didn’t think of it that way. It’s great to get feedback as this improves and gives the writer another prospective. Maybe I should have written: Stripped naked trees clothe again.


  2. Leaveners says:

    ‘Goodbye Sads for another year. This poem expresses the sense of release very well.’ (Kate, through facebook)


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