Take Off

I dream of exploring all possibilities.
I refuse to be a hush-hush happy frog
in a well-maintained comfort zone.
I feel a need to leap, jump and take off;
run risks and grab opportunities.

I want to take off, not just among
my thoughts and emotions.
I take off my old skin, strip it off
like a snake and leave it far behind.
I show off my new dress; I’m in focus.

I take off along runways in flight-
across the waters to exotic lands,
seasoned in spice, heated sun’s rays-
allowing me to take off layers of clothing
right down to my skin; I am a bronze topaz.

I lie on my sun bed, staring upwards,
I am hypnotized by the crystal blueness
of God’s eyes – an ocean of creation.
I watch ducks take off, fly and glide,
afloat beneath the deep blue sky.

As the breeze becomes stronger, I stand
like a kite waiting to take off, raising me
higher. I watch dust whirl away
into the air; a journey for every particle
not knowing where it will end up… I am life.

The waves wild and whirling;
in the ocean a storm begins.
The muzzled white horses
rise from the seabed and take off,
gallop and collapse upon the shoreline.

I begin to take off the sheets of stress;
submerging into life worth every second;
where there are no rehearsals.  I forget my life
as it was and I venture into adventure.
I take off upwards in success and contentment.

I refuse to fall until my last breath, no matter
how many times I fail.  I will have no regrets
when I lie in my last peaceful sleep; I am ashes.
I take nothing. I will rise again in another form
like the phoenix, I take off in a new direction.

Month of May Kuli Kohli

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