Beliefs, feelings, memories fill the mind in millions,
definitions of colour, beauty of intangible dreams.

Walking from the ordinary world into the marvel,
footsteps carry me down a path of desire in millions.

Every breath I take is a drop of love that is energizing,
this heart pounds, I feel my beating heart in millions.

Daisies, blades of grass, the pebbles under my feet,
overwhelmed; the cool drops of rain falling in millions.

Enchantment; the air is caressed with tiny dancing fairies,
born as the wind blows the dandelion seeds in millions.

Birds and insects weave through the leaves and trees,
in all shapes and sizes, all creations of life in millions.

Gazing into the ink-dark sky, I see shining silver glitter,
like scented petals delicately falling off blossom in millions.

People follow another, sheep searching for something lost,
I wish to awaken in this world; shine, be one in millions.

I reflect and think alone, I feed my ever-hungry mind,
my thoughts pour deep into valleys and oceans in millions.

Month of May Kuli kohli