Do you draw lines in your mind?
Maybe you carve lines in stone or metal
in the depth of your subconscious mind.
These are the memories and beliefs that stay,
never fading away, no matter how hard you try.
Good and bad, tremendously disturbed;
those are the things you grasp on to tight.
Whether you like it or not, they are there,
You seem to be stuck with them for life.

Do you draw lines in your mind?
Maybe you draw them with a stick
on a sandy beach or in thick mud.
These are the memories that fade away
with time and strength; naturally.
Blown, washed out with the wind and rain,
swept away and wiped out with the tide.
Those are the things that sit on time,
waiting to be erased from your mind.

Do you draw lines in your mind?
Maybe you draw them in water,
in the sea, a river or a puddle,
instantly disappear as you draw.
Water is life, water is forgetting,
forgiving and living; it runs through,
like a flow yet has an ability to change.
Memories and thoughts flow and vanish,
freeing you of burdens and heavy loads.

Do you draw lines in your mind?
Yes, I draw lines in the air, anywhere,
invisible to the eye, invisible to the mind,
there is no cargo to hold or bear;
I feel free and happy; I am in peace,
no fear, no guilt, no greed or attachment.
I have an intention to give out pure love
that is already living inside of me. I write
these lines to mark my inward journey.

Month of May Kuli Kohli

All art Rachel Arnold apart from Phoenix.