He watches as the sandy grass stalks beckon,
wild beauty of the dunes; blooms of tiny riches.

He watches them in a labyrinth of captivating colours,
the flowers flourish in the rigid hills and ditches.

He watches the spikes of bottle blue, blood rose,
plum orchids, gorse like tiny lemons warm and sleek.

He watches the olive sea holly, velvet soft and spiky,
in the sand dunes where rabbits play hide and seek.

He watches her as visible as the falling rain,
as she dances bare foot in the slouching sun.

He watches her as she twirls round and round,
her fuchsia dress flares, she seeks joy and fun.

He watches her delicate footprints upon the beach
like memories of a dream – enigmatic and hazy.

He watches as she gives him a secret delight,
drawn to her in an ambiguity – curious and crazy.

He watches the waves crash over the sand blanket,
washing up shells, pebbles, seaweed as the moon rises.

He watches her as she writes his name with driftwood
upon the soft glittering shoreline…

Month of May Kuli Kohli

Art Rachel Arnold