Second ‘Guest Poetry Curator’: Patrick!

GUEST POETRY CURATOR June – july 2015: patrick sarsfield

We are excited to announce Patrick Sarsfield as the second ever ‘Guest Poetry Curator’ for Poets Corner. Patrick will be the main point of contact for poets, guide showcased poets in the process of publishing their work on the platform and work to reach a large audience.

Patrick Sarsfield is a poet from London who has been living and studying in the Midlands since 2012. He draws influence from a wide arc, including his urban environment, literature, languages and society. Patrick: “I’ve always seen creative writing and literature as being inextricably linked. My creative writing and study of literature feed into one another and I often take inspiration from texts I’m reading. I’m fascinated by different cultures and languages; I have studied Spanish, Portuguese, Latin and Old English, each of which has fed into my understanding of the English language and its poetry. I have also studied politics and history and often draw upon these subjects in my writing.”

Indeed, Patrick’s poetry often sits at the confluence of politics, history and language:“I look at serious themes like voter apathy, and the narcissistic nature of social media, but I also like to have fun with writing. For example, I have written poems about urban pirates and Thomas Jefferson as a second-hand car salesman.
My dissertation, Blowing Raspberries, was a collection of poems which focussed on social critique and political satire. The phrase comes from an article written by Steve Nallon, a voice actor who worked on Spitting Image. Nallon quotes John Lloyd, the show’s producer, saying “I do wish they wouldn’t say Spitting Image is satirical. It’s not satirical,” before cocking a snook and saying “it’s thhhubbbbbb to the rich and famous!”
Nallon asks whether Spitting Image was “‘A Raspberry to the Rich and Famous’ or ‘Hard Biting Satire’?”, before concluding “Well, can’t it be a bit of both?” I like to think that my poetry does both.”

Patrick’s curator-ship will last two months over June and July 2015. Get in contact with him through the office (


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