Poet June 2015: Elinor Cole

Guest Poetry Curator Patrick Sarsfield introduces Elinor Cole as the showcased poet of the month June on Leaveners’ ‘Poets’ Corner’.

Patrick: ‘When I first read Elinor’s work, I was immediately struck by the strength and depth of her poems, especially considering that she is fairly new to writing poetry. I was particularly impressed by the way that she was able write emotively and personally about social and historical themes. As Leaveners are based in the West Midlands, I think it is very appropriate to feature a local poet who has written so extensively about the Black Country. I am excited to be working with Elinor and sharing her work with you all.’

Poetry statement Elinor: ‘I have been a keen creative writer since a young age, and although my initial interest was in prose, my time at university has taught me to embrace all forms of writing, and I soon kindled a love for writing poetry.

My main inspiration for writing comes from things that fascinate or interest me. Much of my work is written about the Black Country, a region in the West Midlands where my family have lived for over twelve generations. It is a place with a rich cultural heritage; my poems attempt to capture the various industries which define the region’s past, and convey some elements of the area’s unique dialect. I hope to continue to write about the Black Country in the future.

Over the past year, I have made a few small steps into the world of publishing. Two of my poems were featured in a local newspaper, the Black Country Bugle, and a couple of my pieces are to be featured in the University of Birmingham’s Creative Writing Anthology, which will be circulated in the autumn. I really appreciate being chosen by Leaveners to have my poetry featured on Poet’s Corner this month.’

Elinor is a first year Creative Writing student at the University of Birmingham. Please generously share your feedback with Elinor, by commenting on the poems.


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  1. Liz Berry says:

    It’s really wonderful to discover Elinor here and to read her poems. Some beautiful moments and fantastic to see those lovely dialect words too. Thank you.

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