‘If yow dad wor a man,’ they told me
down at the Legion one Sunday races,
“‘ed ave wings, yow mark my words”
I looked across to where he stood,
and thought what I had always thought:
that everything about him
reminded me of the earth –
his shoulders of coal, his chest of slate.
Nothing about him longed for the sky
or so I had thought
until the night I saw him climb to the loft
to gather the birds up in his hands
to stroke their feathers with his thumb.
When he released them
I saw in his eyes a blinking wonderment
as if the coal had crumbled away
and he was seeing the world
for the very first time.

Elinor Cole

Poet for June



2 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Aisha Rauf says:

    Love this one, especially the use of Black Country dialect, and the accompanying picture. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while (read your poems) and I honestly got lost in it, I read them all one after the other 🙂
    They’re brilliant Nell- so proud & and happy for you!

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