Poet July 2015: Elden Morrow

Guest Poetry Curator Patrick Sarsfield introduces Elden Morrow as the showcased poet of the month July on Leaveners’ ‘Poets’ Corner’.

Patrick: ‘Elden’s poems are beautifully crafted portraits of particular and individual scenes from life. The images he uses are perceptive and unique. I’m looking forward to sharing his work on the blog, and I’m certain you will enjoy reading it.’

Elden: ‘Poetry has always been my favoured form of writing, I’ve always loved its ability to express strong, genuine emotions in such a small space: a testament to what the English language, and indeed any language is capable of.

In a lot of my writing I strive to produce a very specific image, feeling or just an impression of a sole character: writing about anything that strikes me in day-to-day life. Ideas of British class fascinate me, and often I use my poetry to explore the ideology of class.

For me, poetry is not a high-brow art form or something to be enjoyed by only the few. It should be fun, friendly and accessible to all who read it. It is my belief that poetry should be written in terms that all can understand, and if not understand, but all can gain an impression of what it is about and enjoy it.

Poetry is my favourite hobby, and I was thrilled and grateful to hear that Leaveners have chosen to feature my work on their ‘Poets’ Corner’.’

Elden currently studies English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. Please generously share your feedback with Elden, by commenting on the poems.

Update: Elden’s poems are no longer accessible through this platform. If you wish to be in contact with Elden to read his work, please contact him through Poets’ Corner.


3 thoughts on “Poet July 2015: Elden Morrow

  1. Elinor Cole says:

    Another UoB creative writer meets Poet’s Corner! Enjoy your time working with Leaveners, Elden.


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