Displacement, poetry on hope and humanity, by arts charity Leaveners

Open Call Poetry Submissions: Displacement

Displacement: Stories of Hope and Humanity

We welcome poetic submissions for the month of September 2015 on the theme of Displacement: Hope and Humanity. Displacement affects millions of people worldwide, and though these are often times of great suffering, helplessness and hardship, stories of hope and humanity do emerge.  We are looking to uncover the stories of compassion, the camaraderie, and kindness that swim beneath the surface of some of Man’s darkest times.

In addition to creating an archive of diverse poems about this important topic, some poems will be displayed in a Birmingham poetry cafe after the themed month. You can submit one poem to Guest Poetry Curator Pete Stones: peterstones2@hotmail.com
Please include your email address and phone number, and a short poetry statement (max. 65 words). The deadline for submissions is the 1st of September 2015.