Remember as She

Rest your head upon my breast,
My pretty one, my love.
Lay your ear above the nest
Of such a flutt’ring dove.

Now I feel your gentle weight
Bear more upon my chest,
To bar the breath I lost of late
On such a day unblessed.

Spread your hair about my face,
My bonny one, my dear.
Fill my nose with softer grace
Than of cordite and of fear.

Now I feel your darkling locks
Brush warm against my cheeks,
Wet-stained by crimson shocks
Of ne’er remembered streaks.

Plant your lips upon mine own,
My lovely one, my sweet.
Warm my tongue of heat ere flown
To quagmire and to sleet.

Now I feel your tender kiss
Lend taste to frozen smile,
Bring to me what I most miss
From time apart this while.

Place your mouth beside my ear,
My lonely one, my life.
Shield me from the deaf’ning fear
Of shelling and of strife.

Now I hear your sweetest tone
Reach deep into my soul,
Make promise, at my final moan,

Wait heav’n to join us whole.


Clive S. Johnson

Poet for August


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