This Night’s Farewell

Deep within my sleep I sense your presence near,
Though I know not how I do,
Perhaps a cheek dream-dampened by a tear
Brings such thoughts of you.

And are those the eyes in which I saw myself,
Drawn near in perfect face?
Where once I’d often sought such sweetened wealth
On lips my fingers trace.

Yet frozen for a time, upon held breath,
Hung soft a sensuous smile,
As now I know it once did hide awaited death
Behind a lover’s guile.

Then up I’m borne on waves of wakefulness
Into this cold night’s aim,
Where bright slant of moon’s own silver beam does bless
This room’s lone picture frame.

Face made stark from faded photograph there taunts
My bleary eyes to see
That same dreamed countenance that ever haunts
The loneliness in me.

Now I know this night will soon be gone, so fast,
And grateful still you care,
For your captured smile recalls a promise past
Of embraces soon to share.

So, at last I bid our time apart farewell,
As oft I’d ever hoped,
For on my own, my lonely years did tell
With whom my heart eloped.


Clive S Johnson

Poet for August


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