Move the evergreen trees 

Meandering rivers  

Lakes and seas 

Wild and domestic animals 

Birds of all sizes 

Pack them all up 

Place them in the suitcase of my brain 


Leave behind the soldiers 

Covered in old sacks 

Or place them on the tip of  

My foot – then I’ll 

Kick them into the deep blue sea 

So my head can’t remember 

And my heart can’t bleed 

And the dark memories 

Can fade slowly away… 

I ran out of the house  

Without packing anything 

Even my sanity 

How can a country I called home 

Become a butcher’s den 

And my bed a foreigner’s heaven! 


I walk through fire 

And find no water to cool 

My burning heart 

Only the distant memories 

Fond memories of my youth 

And the good old days… 

I search my head and heart 

But the huge dark  

Memories planted in my brain remain 

I will treasure the good ones 

And loathe the bad ones!

displacement open call poets corner

Jade Jackson

Jade came to the UK in July 2001 badly tortured. She was referred to the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture (now Freedom from Torture) where she was treated and counselled. She then joined the Write to Life Group where she learned to write poetry and stories. She continues her recovery and her with the help of mentors and others.