Meet Guest Poetry Curator Alison!

GUEST POETRY CURATOR october – november 2015: alison solomon

Alison is a commissioned and winning writer of poetry, a composer and lyricist, who found that the musicality in poetry is similar to the musicality in song and lyric writing. Even though Alison writes more than just poetry, she says: ‘Poetry is a central part of my life; it frees the unrestricted mind to explore the unexpected. Together with form, rhyme, prose, rhythm, regular/irregular stanzas, structure, lines and the clever use of line breaks, I believe a poem can momentarily feed the soul.’

Alison describes her own work as ‘heavily influenced by the concept of time: the passage of time, time zones, and the role time plays in our stories of love, loss and injustice. My proudest poetry commission, because of its permanency within the changing face of Birmingham City Centre, is my Haiku, that is inscribed into the brick and fabric of Birmingham Bullring, next to the cafes and eateries on Bullring Link.’

‘I am honoured to be appointed the Leaveners next Guest Poetry Curator. In my capacity in-role I aim to work with the team to give new talented poets an awareness of the amazing, relevant and supportive work that the Leaveners does to feature and publicize poets’ work.’

Alison’s curator-ship will last two months over October and November 2015. To submit your work for Alison’s review,  contact


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