Canvasses of Hope

This September ‘Poets’ Corner’ published the poetry archive on ‘Displacement: Stories of Hope and Humanity’. Following this publication, arts charity Leaveners has started to create different opportunities for artists of all levels to respond to the poetry creatively.

Last Wednesday a group of local refugee women from ‘Restore’ created beautifully colored canvasses with messages of hope. The poems ‘A New Day’, ‘Settling’, ‘On the Move’ and ‘Moving a Country’, together with photos and images related to hope were used as sources of inspiration and conversation, after which the women wrote messages of hope -in their own languages- on the large fabrics.

The canvasses will be included in the exhibition at the P cafe in Stirchley this December (2015). ‘Poets’ Corner’ and Leaveners thank all participants and staff of Restore, Leaveners volunteer Candice, the P Cafe in Stirchley and local artists Jonathan Graney and Dale Hipkiss for making this workshop happen.

Photo credit Candice Smith

canvasses of hope
Photo credit Jorine Beck