driftwood IV

larks tongues rescue me
aspect ratios confuse me
portmanteau exaggerates me
driftwood levies me


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ your sated sigh moves through me these saline songs we sang of the sea
carry me to agartha –

Ben Armstrong


One thought on “driftwood IV

  1. progiestben says:

    Writer’s Note:

    After the static bleakness of ‘III’, it was important for me to end the sequence with something more hopeful, mysterious and open ended.

    ‘IV’ is essentially a song or hymn to accompany the narrator’s passage to the afterlife, tying in themes from the rest of the sequence. It’s not something I can recall writing, although I do remember that it came together very quickly in a single flurry of ideas and was complete in around ten minutes.

    I wanted to add a little gloss to the finished poem and added forward slashes in the second stanza which correspond to the amount of syllables in the previous word, and the wavy dashes parenthesising the final line help carry the reader out of the poem along with the narrator.


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