And the ground opens up midway through the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack album…
Blast we say as we sail away into silence.

And the mountain sighs a huge sigh of relief when the biters arrive,
clearing away all the pesky humans clambering all over it.

And thank goodness we’re up here watching waves crack, gaping sky claps
round of applause and we’re amused.

And there’s no-one here if sheep are no-one but if sheep are someone
Then everybody’s here; come one come all, the ruminant barn dance

turned out to be a bad idea, and overwrought,
I vow never to do something again, anything.

And the truth is, I never want to leave this place,
where colossal drowns the pedant,

and where, without warning, a downpour can rain us all away,
just as far as it wants.

And when the rain has had its fill,
o’erbrimming tidal breath

takes the place which we called home,
returns it just a hill.

And just when we think we’re far enough,
we’re even further, still.

Ben Armstrong


One thought on “Colossal

  1. progiestben says:

    Writer’s Note:

    ‘Colossal’ was written following a trip to the Knoydart peninsula, an island off the west coast of Scotland. Accessible only by boat, it has a population of just 98 and is largely untouched by our modern way of living.

    [You can read more about the island here:

    Myself and a friend decided to scale a large hill during our stay there and it made for one of the most memorable experiences of my life so far. The poem is my attempt to put that day into words.

    I highly recommend a visit there. There’s a great pub, too.


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