darius noel poet new york poets corner


Guest Poetry Curator Alison Solomon introduces Darius Noel as the showcased poet of the month November on Leaveners’ ‘Poets’ Corner’.

Alison: ‘Darius’ poetry spoke to me from off the page as every line, word and syllable seems to come from a place of honesty, truth, understanding and maturity that makes his poetry exciting to read. His subject matter is so varied, yet because of his unique use of sentence structure and words, his body of work is very much a beautiful, unified collection of poems. I am so pleased to welcome Darius as our November Poet of The Month.’

Darius Noel is a poet from New York (USA), who writes poetry from a very personal angle: ‘When I write I really like to put my heart on the paper. I get really personal when I write because I feel as if that’s how poetry is supposed to be; intimate. I take from my surroundings, write my opinions on them. I like to write in a thought-provoking way, while keeping it personal. I’m not really straight forward when I write. I want people to interrupt my writings and to understand where I coming from.’

Darius always had an interested in poetry, but he started writing poetry in his senior year in high school, encouraged by his teachers: ‘My teachers always told me that I have a higher than average vocabulary and unique sentence structure so they published my poems in the Senior Poetry Book. Ever since then I’ve been writing. It always fascinated me how certain words in a certain order can invoke so much emotion. The biggest influence for me to start writing poetry was Saul Willams. His genius amazed me.’

As the featured poet of November, Darius will share a collection of poems on various themes. Darius concludes: ‘I’m kind of new to getting my poetry out there and I am eternally grateful for Leaveners allowing me to get my foot in the door and feature my writings on their ‘Poet’s Corner’.’

Please generously share your thoughts feedback with Darius.