Esoteric Philosophy

Flying nowhere at the speed of the universe
Soaring over the forgotten galaxies
The Illuminated touch enlightening the cosmos
I am being
I was, were, and is.
You may not fully understand my what comes from my orifice
But at my ordination before the kingdom of retribution you shall
I am undoing.
I can, could, and would.
Destroying your conceptions of pleasure and your fabrications of happiness
Renewing the phosphorus minds filled with unavertable viewpoints.
Cleansing the complacency of your existence
You are now.
You would, wont, and can’t
It is not I who shall bring up the generation of epiphany
It is not only you who can see past the fields of tarnished mulch
It is US who must make the link between the apparitional and the rational
We are being
We could, should and can

Darius Noel