An Empty Laundromat

Clumsily walking underneath the uncomfortably bright gas station spotlights
Black plastic bags mistaken for manifestations of insecurities
Another dusk wasted
And this is not helping
I’ve gone too far
Tracks covered with half empty bottles and singed fingertips
Looking at the world through the bottom of a shot glass
While advocating my pain through the char broiled smoke
Making my way to my semi safe haven
Open 24 hours and never seen the sunlight
My personal nightcap
An empty laundromat
No change in my pocket
When is there ever?
Pockets half a inch deep
Another check on the wasted list
Waiting for a never-ending load to finish
Bloody pupils
Can’t go home
Hoping to catch the scent of cheaply made detergent
Who am I fooling?
God hopefully
If she’s even there
The hum of the dryer resonates throughout
Must renew the load
Im not ready yet
Another quarter, another 8 minutes away from reality
When will it end?
Until im dead
Until im broke
Until it all goes away

Darius NoelLaundromat 1