A Fathers Grief

As I held you in my arms, sinewy of all
The anchor, to hold you secure, eternally
Promises, A Father to his child, inscribes
Etched in their souls, spelled through the eyes
This crook, most solid and sound I sold
Forever here, the mast with you sheltered
I will stand aground, rooted, no harm dare stray
No wind, no tide, no destiny could compromise
To catch, console, when you stumble and stray,
A rough caress here, a gruff lullaby for Baby whimpers
For you the harbor of my shoulders, I carved
To groom you in a better image,
My sails tattered I unfurled
In the rocking ceaseless tossing,
evil willfully designed
Banshee winds, towering seas,
A bloodied land left behind
Through waters that had beckoned,
the only route
To freedom, a passage to future bright,
Other far off avenues denied
When the ship’s shepherd,
threw away the steer
Swindled again, deceived humanity,
the enormity of inky black scape
Wheels I held – the last fight,
your savior Me to deliver
With only a prayer – Daddy Be Safe,
upside down I realized
I felt you slip, miserably surrendered,
the nightmare, that never should be
All I held dear, in that dark moment,
snatched from me
Desperate souls in black night,
in darker depths drowned in treachery,
Dreams asunder, perished on-board,
All I ever hoped to be
We were tricked, deceit craftily snitched,
My life, My bubble, My froth, My fizz –
To a destiny never agreed
That moment, merged eternity with Now and never,
All denied, God welcomed his light,
Earth and humanity left bereft
Yet to this wild beast,
all undeserving zombie – Men
A reminder, to heed, to heal and apologize
Look my brother, the treacherous waters,
did concede – A most delicate & tender shell,
that once held a cherub inside
That which mother of all mothers, could not hold
From her dark churning depths,
she returned from her womb
Rocking on thundering waves,
so gently a shining pearl
Ashore a wet tear swept golden shore, she gave
Now to the arms of human race I forsake
Witness my baby, my babies fragile,
nary a delicate hair askew,
Nor the clothes worn or shoes,
in place their angelic glow
For those with heart to weep,
lesser beasts to repent
I carry the corpse of my being,
weighed down by empty shoulders


Seema Jayaraman
Poet of the month December 2015