Why Blame Me, A Blood Moon

A magnificent ‘gandharva’ wedding
Planned in the night sky
Sun, and Moon in groom’s attire,
Earth bedecked as Bride
destiny wove in good humor,
a velvety dark blue tapestry
and built a celestial altar
studded with bodies heavenly
arrangements, centuries in making
declared a rare sight,
several luminaries, orchestrating
a visual spectacle bright
With autumn season chosen
the equinox for A ‘muharat
Planned on a Sunday night
the day of harvest arrived
Seers and the priests, forecasting
As visionaries, bad omens it augurs
predicting an apocalypse, impending
where none or Earth survives
Down on earth Men of wise
wrangled front seat invitations
to witness mysteries of nature
unobscured in a clear sky
Moon being slight in demeanor,
to impress the discerning bride
Puffed his chest, to perigee
crowned himself a Supermoon
Sun knowing his vast stature and size
arrogance over his might
Assumed the center of universe,
for the would be impressionable bride
In hand, a star spangled garland
dame earth coyly at Sun, glanced
then she swayed a wee bit closer
to the widely beaming Moon
As she closed the gap,
earth so deeply shy,
On Moon’s face,
cast a deep red dye
Moon all with pride,
did a crimson blush
deep auburn in hue,
Moon was all aflush
Earth made her choice,
that flaming romantic night
with moon in offing a duet
And they came so close,
as Moon bent low, a bow
to place a kiss on earth’s brow
with the magic of the moment
In the light of a pyre
Sun showered blessings,
the ever gallant knight
cast all colors of sunrise
the marriage was solemnized
The doomsayer’s went on
with their tongues a quibble
waggled their fingers
and proclaimed the dire
they blamed the poor Moon
and called him a Blood Moon,
For luring damsel Earth, beware
for a poor choice she made
they said the warm shade
On Moon’s face, portends
future wars, to be fought
By their seeds
On Earth’s surface
Days for Men numbered
Fight o’er ill gotten gains
will end in disastrous means
While the newly weds,
stole a moment of eternity
consummated their togetherness
an elopement, on milky white
such was a wedding, that happened
Seen by the romantic’s inner eye
a story of love unrecognized
By the poor blind men on earth

Seema Jayaraman
Poet of the month December 2015