The Ultimate Cove

Through murky waters I wade
It beckons, in a lonely haze
A silhouetted island, craggy and steep
the strange truth grips, hastens

Finally, as I kneel bedraggled
Dripping a pool of joyous tears
Facing confusions this distance
An empty chasm that separates

Oh why this awaiting stillness
Explain this pregnant silence
when just the last steps remain
Chains of time had inhibited

The explosion as glances meet
Eons of search in which we seek
A twinkle that flutters and glows
In tremulous arms we float

As I nestle against thudding heart
This rhythm, so familiar,
The ultimate crescendo, yes I know
My beloved, I’ve reached my ultimate cove.

Seema Jayaraman
Poet of the month December 2015