Dawn’s Litany

Patter delicate feet, padding lightly
amongst crimson saucers erupts
righteous riots spontaneously
disrespect to dawns peace, bursts
winged foragers squabbling brazenly
hauled from slumber land abruptly
barely over headboard, extended nape
prise open a lash disobedient, flagrantly
popping one pupil, unfocused gape
ensuing tree top bar brawl blatantly
cursing hidden raven, crowing nosily
unfocused eyes surprise pair of robins
madly arbitrating chores domestically
hopping o’er delicate blossom crimsony
crested napes banner scarlet unapologetically
lashes as they rolled down, hauled rudely
atop the highest scarlet tulip crown
working curved hookbills furiously
a squawking majestic Jade, unyielding frown
into the trodden blossom blaring ominously
sighing loss of dreams, settling dormancy
drawing from a full headed cluster
holds a feebly trilling aural litany
lovebirds, gesticulating in full fluster
lashes fully opened by sounds heavenly.

Seema Jayaraman
Poet of the month December 2015


One thought on “Dawn’s Litany

  1. cinamonhaldi says:

    Thank you Leaveners, for introducing me and my poems on your platform. You have helped unfold the closing curtains of year 2015 with Gold lining for me validating and approving my efforts to my slightly bemused family and friends and the world of literature lovers. I welcome your visitors to guess the names of the feathered foragers referred to in the poem above and leave in the comments section. Thanks. Seema.


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