Poetry on Neighbours, intimate strangers, by arts charity Leaveners

‘Neighbours: Intimate strangers’


For the second time Poets’ Corner will be publishing a collection of poetry for change. This month, the theme ‘Neighbours: Intimate strangers’ will explore our relationship with the stranger next door. Throughout the month of January 2016, poetic work from poets of all styles, levels, ages and backgrounds will be published.

For centuries people have been fascinated by strangers moving in next door. Whether you fear or embrace your unfamiliar neighbours, stories about ‘us’ and ‘them’ are still present in today’s public debates. In the poetry archive ‘Neighbours: Intimate strangers’ poets share stories of twitching curtains, keeping up with the Jonses, of the helping hand next door.

In a time of globalization and a seemingly individualized society, these series of beautiful poems ask us to reflect upon the people who live closest to us. On behalf of the Leaveners and ‘Poets’ Corner’ team, we would like to thank all poets who contributed to this thought-provoking archive with their beautiful poetry.

Ciarán Hodgers
Guest Poetry Curator Poets’ Corner

Jorine Beck
Programme leader Leaveners / Poets’ Corner



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