Neighbours: Neat And Tidy

Having lost her,
he had disciplined himself,
over the years,
to doing things correctly.
Dust never settled.
Not for the benefit 
of visitors,
for he had none.
Dishes cleared and stacked,
firm Windsor carefully unknotted,
he fetched the clothes rope
and purposefully unwound it.
Tying an end to the handle
he tested its strength
before lifting it up
and over the door.
A brief note, a final check,
then, with difficulty, he cbed
up onto the chair, and again
knotted the rope.
When they found him,
open eyed and upright,
they commented
on how everything
was so neat and tidy.
neighbours theme3
Ronnie Mackintosh
I used to be a police detective.  A routine task was to investigate all suicides. While each and every death had its own tragic backstory, a number stood out.  This was one of them; an elderly widower who lived in a tenement.  Every neighbour had seen him and spoken briefly to him.  But none of them knew him.

One thought on “Neighbours: Neat And Tidy

  1. Finola Scott says:

    I love how spare this is. No overt emotion – the quiet facts are allowed to speak. Tiny details – ‘Windsor’ – gives truth to the story. Wonderfully controlled unfolding . Sadly my niece witnessed an almost identical situation in her tenement block . Thank you

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