Neighbours: The Boundary

The Boundary
Fettered thoughts whose gated home has borders cast adrift
and tyranny resurgent lies, creates a sheltered tomb,
incomprehension has no grace wherein disquiet multiplies,
order dwells despondent beneath angels filled with dread.
Such transport as unknown before has raw ramifications
through colours casting shade unseen within the neighbourhood,
transgress a covert boundary observed with no pretence at hidden,
neural traffic blocks a path in ways misunderstood.
Unveiled household windows blind will catch unwary glances
door jamb tights no passageway undressed of welcome mats
trust holds fast to silence, no open hand extensions felt
through peeling paint and broken glass, shoes outside a door.
A question mark, exhaust backfires when twilight falls to sky aglow
echo brings confusion in a sharp retort’s refrain,
retard the spark when transport’s age may resonate a dormant past
of ripe dis-integration, communicate or wane.
How vessel depth cut waves of scorn to pour forth loads in beached retreat
a shouted weight drawn low is never ripped from undertone
whispered across boundaries, suspicion steeps the shelving tide
in street and town and country, migration shadows grow.
Open arms are unbeknownst, barriers unvaulted,
leaking loves the lost since wealth of nations is in debt,
time will loose unwanted chains when sunshine lights a fragile link
unto such day are neighbours sought but as yet strangers made.
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Derek Binns
Coast-based poet drawing from the natural realm, the human paradox, and the margins.