Neighbours: And no-one will mention it

And no-one will mention it

Belfast 1969

Imagine terraced home, curtained room
table set neat with supper,
the radio hums.
A knock at the door
Shadows through glass
Staccato bullet-raps on wood
No curtains twitch
no-one sees, hears, speaks
Outside, shoulders square set
Balaclavas snarl, a fist punches out
a rattling can
A barrel winks, trigger oiled
‘Collecting for the lads’
Coins shake, paper unfolds
Purse empty, chest pounds
Boots to the next
door next door
through flowers and hedge
and next and
the glowing room
fat congealed on plates.

neighbours theme3


Finola Scott

Finola Scott’s poems and short stories have won & been placed in
national competitions and are widely published in anthologies and
magazines including The Ofi Press, Hark, The Lake, Dactyl & Raum. She is
pleased to be mentored this year on the Clydebuilt scheme. A performance
poet, she is proud to be a slam-winning granny.


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