Neighbours: New Years Eve

New Years Eve

Redwinekiss of red skied night
hearts aflutter but full, frostbitten of fright
eyes diminished, cold,
confused as a storm
aye, eyes worse than cold, eyes lukewarm.

Here I stand on the precipice of living
watching the sensation slip
hot, wet and red like remember me
down the throat of social alienation.
Hearts, minds, eyes as empty a midnight bus station.

The street is cold
and dry and gold from winter sun and it might be
the coldest day of the year.
I see my old acquaintances, whom
I have forgot
each passing face marked with the same fear.
Alone amongst the alone
alonetogether we begin a new year.

We really must meet for a drink soon
Ach of course of course, soon,

But what of you will not be said of me?

I have amended nothing
I have wrote these poems
I have built these walls.



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Jarlath Mulhern

I attempt to focus much of my writing upon neither the happy or sad but the indifference and
failure to connect with those around us which falls somewhere between the two. It can make for
some slightly melodramatic stuff, but I suppose we can all be guilty of that sometimes.
I am interested in poetic form and the playing with it is that which brings me the greatest joy in


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