Neighbours: NEIGHBOURS


Our first home – semi detached
Three bedrooms, big garden
Full of newly married enthusiasm
Next door people came and went.
Sometimes smiles, sometimes not
Just passing through, in transit
Waiting for a place of their own
Paying rent, temporary.
This two said nothing, no looks
But at night sounded like
World war three
Going on over there.
When he ran upstairs
It was like he was coming
Up our stairs
Lay on the bed, like our bed.
She cried, he hit something
Hit her, we thought
Once we pounded
On the dividing wall
Protesting in shock
Objecting in anger
They calmed down
For a while.
The worst night
We went round
She opened the door
Dreamlike, smiling.
‘I’m sorry’ she said
‘We get carried away’
‘You know?’
‘So sorry, so sorry’.

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David Subacchi

DAVID SUBACCHI lives in Wales (UK) where he was born of Italian roots.
He studied at the University of Liverpool and is now a full time writer. David writes in English, Welsh and Italian. Cestrian Press has published his English language collections ‘FIRST CUT’ in 2012 AND ‘HIDING IN SHADOWS’ in 2014. A further collection ‘NOT REALLY A STRANGER’ is due to be published in May 2016.