poet tom crompton as curator at Poets' Corner by arts charity Leaveners

Meet Guest Poetry Curator Tom


Tom Crompton is a poet and artist from Lancashire. He has been living in the West Midlands for 3 years whilst studying on the Warwick Writing Programme. Tom’s work has been published in a variety of magazines and was shortlisted for the Jane Martin Poetry Prize. His debut pamphlet of poetry will be published in summer 2016 by The New Fire Tree Press. In addition to that, Tom likes to share his knowledge by supporting other poets and writers, reviewing poetry and organising poetry events.

In his own practice, Tom is particularly interested in questions around how poetry as a textual art form might look to engage with questions of place, landscape, injury and intimacy. Tom is currently exploring ideas about the ways in which poetry can engage politically with struggles, not only in form and content, but also in terms of community, activism, publishing and intervention.

Tom: ‘For me the Poet’s Corner seems like a perfect opportunity to explore these concerns; what particularly drew me to getting involved with Leavener’s was the centrality of questions regarding politics, and social justice to their ethos and how art and poetry might play out in thinking and talking about these issues.’ In the role of Guest Poetry Curator Tom is keen to read new work, connect with other poets and share his knowledge about poetry, poetics and supportive networks.

Tom’s curator-ship will last two months over February and March 2016. To submit your work for Tom’s review, contact Jorine@leaveners.org


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