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Poet February 2016: Pen Reid

Guest Poetry Curator Tom Crompton introduces Pen Reid as the showcased poet of the month February on Leaveners’ ‘Poets’ Corner’.

This month, Poets’ Corner will share a beautiful collection of poems, celebrating the love of a family for their husband and father who is living with Multiple Sclerosis. Pen: ‘I am primarily a visual artist and have been writing poetry for only two years. It has been a challenge to find a way through the degeneration of my husband from progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Poetry has provided me with a voice to express the unspeakable.’

Pen’s work is breathtakingly beautiful, intimate and delicate. Guest Curator Tom describes: ‘Pen’s poems give off this big feeling of love, which you only actually get by accident, bumping or slipping over it. In this sense, Pen’s work is prayerful—’ Stay with your father’s degeneration/and know love lives not in the physical’—and for me that’s a great place to be writing poetry from.’

Please generously share your feedback with Pen.


One thought on “Poet February 2016: Pen Reid

  1. Deirdre Hill says:

    This is such a privilege to have a glimpse into something so intimate, visceral, yet tender. Your artistry transforms raw reality into something transcendent but without sentimentality. More than anything it is your courage and heart which is present in every chosen word and image.


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