Fall in the Garden

By my own volition I run to you
when you cry out,
not cultivated shouting for attention,
but shamed to be interrupting.

A sufficient distance to having me
imagine life without you.
The plant aggrieved and appearing
to have received your head,
a degrading fall into a ceramic pot:
the blinkers that this disease
puts on your feet,

but my heart buoyant
that you are bleeding
and alive.


Pen Reid, Poet of the Month February 2016


2 thoughts on “Fall in the Garden

  1. Mairi Freeden says:

    All your poems are so beautiful.
    Such a testament to the love you and Paul have for each other.
    I remember you saying some time ago after trying out a carer’s group, that it ‘just doesn’t fit where there is love.’ The world needs to hear more from you.
    Such a gift.
    Thank you.
    Mairi (Freeden)


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