‘From Pen to Wall’

In celebration of the ‘Black Country Tales’ exhibition, which will open at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery on the 19th of March, Poets’ Corner will give you a unique insight in the process from poetry writing to a public exhibition. Poet Elinor Cole, who will be exhibiting seven of her poems in the ‘Black Country Tales’ exhibition, will share her story with you throughout the month of March.

Elinor was chosen as the Poet of the Month in June 2015 at Poets’ Corner, and following from that Poets’ Corner has arranged for her to share her work further. Elinor’s poems about the Black Country will be featured alongside etchings about the Black Country industry by 19th century artists by R.S. Chattock.

Tapping The Blast Furnace


Image. One of the etchings by 19th century artist R.S. Chattock (credits: Dudley Museum and Art Gallery)

Elinor writes: ‘I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to put my work in the public sphere through the exhibition at Dudley Museum. The process of writing a poem is such an isolated one – just the writer, the research, the notes – that it is very exciting to share my finished work with others. It is not only those with an interest in the Black Country who I am trying to reach through these poems – the joys of childhood, the concern over family and the empathy for others (even for animals), are emotions we all have felt during our lives. I am especially looking forward to seeing my work displayed alongside the evocative etchings of R. S. Chattock, which themselves inspire a whole range of emotions, from desolation to intrigue and admiration.’

elinor blog photo
Image. Poet Elinor Cole

During the month of March Elinor will give you an insight into her first steps in poetry writing, what it takes to develop yourself as a poet and how she goes about writing a new piece of work. You will also be able to see how the exhibition is being organised and set up. Follow Elinor on @NellieFayeCole and Poets’ Corner @_PoetsCorner for updates.

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