Pete Stones Guest Poetry Curator

Looking back – Pete

During the month of May 2016 we will be looking back at Poets’ Corner’s first year, together with our Guest Poetry Curators. They will share their own poetry, experiences as curator and favourite poems from the platform with you.

Talented and dedicated poet Pete Stones worked at Poets’ Corner as Guest Poetry Curator for August and September 2015. Pete looks back at his experience as curator at Poets’ Corner:

‘It became apparent to me very quickly that the experience of every Guest Curator would be different, and therefore the experience of the poet would also be unique. For me being the Guest Curator was a rare opportunity to stop self-promotion and look, in detail, at the work of someone else with the intent to promote, engage and ‘tutor’ them. I chose Clive S Johnson because his work included the use of structure, meter, language I find lacking from a lot of contemporary free-verse poetry. Working with Clive was a pleasure, and I found the wholly positive response to his work to be as uplifting and rewarding to myself as it was to him.

The Displacement themed month brought new challenges to the fore during my time as Guest Curator. With works discussing very emotive, sensitive, and often brutal truths it was difficult to turn some works away, while others (whether rightly or wrongly) were published. I felt a great sense of pride in being part of what the Leaveners have achieved from the humble beginnings of the digital blog, taking the poetry out in the real world and engaging with the poems and their poets.

I am still writing poetry (and) enter competitions and make the most of it.’

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