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Looking back – Curator’s Pick

During the month of May 2016 we will be looking back at Poets’ Corner’s first year, together with our Guest Poetry Curators. They will share their own poetry, experiences as curator and favourite poems from the platform with you.

Guest Poetry Curator Alison Solomon shares her favourite poem from the work of Poet of the Month November 2015 Darius Noel with you. Alison writes:

‘My favourite poem by Darius is Little Black Church. This poem give me a sense of the poets shift from childhood into maturity. Through his eyes the reader is also given a whistle stop journey through the stark reality of life in America.’

Little Black Church

I’m from that little black church in Brooklyn
That little black church where i learned how life works
How it makes sharp turns with no seat belt
Where there’s decades of experience to learn
See so much life and cope with so much death
The place where I learned about acceptance and hypocrisy
Souls lost in the ether of the ghetto
Lives only few will remember
The three king’s men rule the land with blackened fists
Pregnancy, Prison, Death
The members fall victim
Me and my family barely escape their maws
We let go and it let go
But I still come from that little black church
That little black church where generations came to die

Darius Noel

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