Looking back – Ciarán

During the month of May 2016 we will be looking back at Poets’ Corner’s first year, together with our Guest Poetry Curators. They will share their own poetry, experiences as curator and favourite poems from the platform with you.

Successful and dedicated poet Ciarán Hodgers shared his knowledge and skills as Guest Poetry Curator for December 2015 and January 2016. Looking back at his experience in this role, Ciarán writes:

‘I really enjoyed being Guest Curator, I enjoyed reading work outside my normal taste. I was difficult to say no to some pieces, but I think understanding the context and being able to make a judgement like that has been beneficial for me professionally. Seeing how much joy and love Seema garnered from being Poet of the Month really captured what I’d hope she’d get. I see her being plenty busy and prolific online since and it’s a privilege to feel a part of that process for her.

I’ve been busy writing, trying to get some new work out there. I’ve been busy gigging, having been part of Team Manchester in the UK National Slam and a finalist in the Poetry Rivals competition. Both gigs were held in the Royal Albert Hall, and being given an opportunity to perform there alongside some of the UK’s best poets was an honour. Currently I’m working on a commission for the European Open Science Forum, where I’m working with an astrostatistian to write some poetry about the first billion years of the universe, so you know, light stuff. I’m also working on creating a new publication, Scripturient Press to be an important voice championing vital, urgent works in literature and visual arts.’

Visit Ciarán’s Facebook and Website which have more info on all his projects as and when they happen: https://www.facebook.com/ciaranhodgerspoet/ and ciaranhodgers.weebly.com

Follow Ciarán on Twitter @CiaranHodgers