Looking back – Curator’s Pick

During the month of May 2016 we will be looking back at Poets’ Corner’s first year, together with our Guest Poetry Curators. They will share their own poetry, experiences as curator and favourite poems from the platform with you.

Guest Poetry Curator Ciarán Hodgers shares his favourite poem from Poet of the Month December 2015 Seema Jayaraman with you. Ciaran explains:

‘I’ve picked ‘Dawn‘ by Seema, it’s a rhytmic piece that flows well on the page and I imagine in the ear. It’s dotted with serene imagery and some nice spiritual messages, “Her tender touch/A simple message – hard work and peace” and is somewhat calming to read. I expect Seema to be working hard since her time as Poet of the Month and no doubt will see her growing and expanding her practice as she does so.’


The golden gleaming ball
Peered above the horizon
Embedded on her – sparkling jewels
She opened her eyes and
Kissed the sleeping world, a secret message in dreams

Lo and behold, morning breeze
Sweet and gay, so fresh it comes
Kissing all along the way
Her tender touch
A simple message – hard work and peace

The flowers swaying in rythm
Nodding their heads, life is so gay
Dew drops winked and gleamed
Pearls dropped by magic from far off sea
And the farmers in the field, sang out the message

Green burgeoning boughs, bowed
Soft rustling leaves, laden with vigor
Fruits of labor, visible, hearty treats
Birds came chirping, fluster of busy bodies
twisting and gyrating to the breeze

My heart missed a beat,
This visual paradise, laid out shimmering
Wooly clouds in azure blue sky
Green earth grounded with gold and brown
For my eyes to behold, this beautiful precious sight.

Seema Jayaraman

Which is your favourite poem by Seema? Read all her work here

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One thought on “Looking back – Curator’s Pick

  1. cinamonhaldi says:

    Thank you Ciaran, Jorine and the whole Leaveners Poet’s Corner team. For opening the doors to Poetry Paradise. For being the wind which uplifted my poetic dreams to the limitless skies and giving me the confidence to explore, experiment and record the inner voice of a irreformable dreamer inside me. Without your seal of approval and the high I got from the official recognition in December 2015, being chosen as the showcased Poet of the month, I would never have found the courage to write out, read and record, and interact with the highy talented world of advance thinkers and Poet’s I connected on the internet and FB. You were instrumental in taking my poems across oceans to the original motherland of English and for presenting my poems to a highly discerning international audience. You are right, I have been writing prolificly, letting out years of suppressed creativity thanks to your blessings. Today my poems have been published in international Anthologies , have bee read aloud , mixed with music and played on private FM radio in an international arena by highly acclaimed artists and what more could an aspiring Poet like me ask for.
    With best wishes and looking forward to years of interactions.
    Seema Jayaraman
    Mumbai, India


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