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Looking back – Pen

During the month of May 2016 we will be looking back at Poets’ Corner’s first year, together with our Guest Poetry Curators. They will share their own poetry, experiences as curator and favourite poems from the platform with you.

In February 2016 Guest Poetry Curator Tom Crompton introduced Pen Reid as the Poet of the Month. Tom wrote: ‘Pen’s poems give off this big feeling of love, which you only actually get by accident, bumping or slipping over it. In this sense, Pen’s work is prayerful—’ Stay with your father’s degeneration/and know love lives not in the physical’—and for me that’s a great place to be writing poetry from.’

Pen’s work is breathtakingly beautiful, intimate and delicate. She writes: ‘I am primarily a visual artist and have been writing poetry for only two years. It has been a challenge to find a way through the degeneration of my husband from progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Poetry has provided me with a voice to express the unspeakable.’

Throughout February Pen published poetry with themes around Multiple Sclerosis, family life and love. Read all her work here.

After being chosen as ‘Poet of the Month’ at Poets’ Corner Pen shares some thoughts with you:

‘I recommend applying to Poets Corner, you will receive a warm and supportive embrace from Leaveners as well as rich feedback from your mentor. Their website reaches out and ensures that other poets will respond and that feedback is nourishment to keep going! I feel that this sort of unconditional support is rare and would encourage others to share their work. Doors open for you too and Jorine the Programme Leader takes her support well past your allotted month. A wonderful experience, leap in!’