Looking back – Danilo

During the month of May 2016 we will be looking back at Poets’ Corner’s first year, together with our Guest Poetry Curators. They will share their own poetry, experiences as curator and favourite poems from the platform with you.

During the month of April 2016 Danilo Breschi shared a collection of poems on Poets’ Corner, in which he explores relationships and transitions in a philosophical style. Danilo’s work echoes the words of Leonard Cohen: “Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh.” Through his poems Breschi tries to understand what is behind every scar that marks the passage of time over the life of each of us.

Throughout April, Danilo received a lot of positive feedback, and finally one of his poems was chosen to be exhibited at P Cafe. Danilo reflects:

‘As a native Italian-speaker, I wanted to test my ability to translate my poems into another language and to verify if my poems could appeal also in this other language. Being chosen as Poet of the Month was a pleasant and rewarding recognition. It was particularly improving to receive feedback about my poems, especially to maintain their original meaning translated from a foreign language.’

Danilo is already working on more poetry and is keen to develop himself further: ‘I’m working about a new book of poems, but I don’t know when it is ready.  I’d like to collaborate with Poets’ Corner again and I’ll try to build on my experience as Poet of the Month.’

Read the poem that was exhibited here:


under steel rubble, buried
two hands, two names
severed hands, each with his divorce
two bodies, two stories, burnt wood
joined hands in the extreme desire
of said pair, of friends, of lovers,
colleagues; two perfect strangers, does not count.
two sisters’ hands of fear,
pain, sisters in the end
to be strong, to make it short.
Sign of human, despite all
sign that joins us is in the human
sign that your hand is not enough, nor mine.

2016.5 danilo at p cafe