Poet June 2016: Cherry Doyle

Poets’ Corner is pleased to introduce Cherry Doyle as the Poet of the Month June 2016.

During the month of June poet Cherry Doyle will share a collection of her work poems on Poets’ Corner, in which she explores a wide range of experiences from her personal life. Cherry writes: ‘I find poetry is an excellent tool for unlocking those experiences throughout my life that I want to celebrate, mourn or understand in more detail. It is like finding yourself in a jungle and having the route mapped out in words.’

Cherry’s work is directly inspired by her surroundings and the questions she asks herself about the world around her. Cherry explains: ‘I was born in Shrewsbury in the 1980s and had an active and stimulating childhood of holidays and days out among nature and culture, which allowed me to learn about the environments, I spent a lot of time in. As I’ve grown older, I’ve always taken that approach to my surroundings – noticing the detail and asking ‘why is it that way?’ Sadly, life takes its toll, and sometimes when you ask those questions, you get painful answers.’

‘I rediscovered writing in my early twenties, and gravitated towards poetry because of its innate attractiveness. I love to make a poem visually stimulating, with lots of imagery for the reader to feast on. I get a lot of support through my writing group, Blakenhall Writers in Wolverhampton, and various poets and mentors I’ve met through my association with them. They’ve given me the confidence to use my own voice in my journey of self-discovery.’

Poet Kuli Kohli will mentor Cherry and curate her poetry throughout the month. Kuli is pleased to be sharing her skills and knowledge with a poet who is in the same situation she was in herself, being the first aspiring poet to be curated on the platform in May 2015. Kuli is impressed by Cherry’s writing, and thinks many people should enjoy reading Cherry’s work.

Please share your feedback with Cherry throughout the month.