Open Call Poetry Submissions: Identity

Identity: All of Me

We welcome poetic submissions for the month of July 2016 on the theme ‘Identity: All of Me’. During the month of July we will be publishing poems that explore how identity is more than just one label, one story, one characteristic.

We live in times where a constant stream of information can ask us to quickly judge information, situations or sometimes people. Does this mean we perceive someone’s identity mainly based on their most visible or apparent characteristics?

We ask all poets and writers to submit poetry that invites readers to consider, question and rethink what identity means. We are looking for poems with a personal touch, exploring different angles, layers and ideas on identity.

You can submit one poem to Guest Poetry Curator Kuli Kohli:
Please include your email address and phone number, and a short poetry statement (max. 65 words). The deadline for submissions is the 1st of July 2016.

(Photo by Brandon Couch)


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