Identity: All of Me

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“Here, I’m talking
All of Me
My name, tale & speciality
not about Thee!

I’m now flowing
with the calm stream of Time
let’s come to share my Jiff
let’s come to share my Rhyme.

You can’t judge Me
through the spectacles of penetrable presence
My inner thought is a little bit different
from the physical appearance.

During past jobs
I served for Orphans
I too felt glad
to strengthened destitute Women.

I felt their real Pain
in the absence of Identity
I worked to eradicate
their unquenchable thirst, hunger & Poverty.

I am exploring different ways
to intermingle them with mainstream of Society
So they could become self-sufficient
and not be the mere part of Pity.

Introspection of my actions
are my Reality
I will continue it till my last breath
is my Identity.

Let’s sow the seed of Affinity
to preserve Global Humanity
Else, we will be late
to bear Indemnity!”

by Durgesh Verma

In this Poem Identity: All of Me Durgesh is expressing his views regarding the true meaning of Identification. He says: “We can’t prove anybody’s identity through the physical appearance. We should feel the person’s inner voice to come to the final conclusion of his/her behaviour. Also, we can judge the person through the way he/she feels pain of needy ones and trying to improve the conditions.”

As far as Durgesh’s views are concerned the real meaning of ‘Identity’ is the self introspection of our deeds.

We should believe –

“Don’t think,
What the Society gives to you!
Firstly think,
What you give to the Society!”


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