If you never see me again,
Look for me
in the tall grass that somebody loves far too much to cut,
swaying in the breeze,
along with the trees.
Look for me
in the gaps of the bark, I am hiding there
somewhere between roots and leaves.
Look for me
in the spots where the wildflowers grow
and new seeds sow
I am somewhere scattered amongst them        (I will never stop growing).
Look for me
in the scattered sun rays,
that reflect upon the smallest stream,
like the twinkling eye
of the blackbird who watches nearby,

and when you sit
in the tall grass with the wildflowers brushing your tired legs and the trees creaking comforts behind as you and the blackbird watch the golden rays dance on the stream then

you have found me.

by Niamh Macdonald

Niamh was inspired to write this poem when questioning her own identity. She feels that there is an ever growing list of labels with which you can identify yourself. However, Niamh’s poem is about stripping back to the roots of her identity. In essence, how when it comes down to it, we are all just living beings and we may all identify as a part of nature. Through writing the poem she wanted to demonstrate the similarities which exist between us and elements of the natural world and the comfort in knowing that we can all identify and belong in that sense.

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