Lapping the deep waters
Of Indian Poetry
from the shores, I’m too scared
To venture further
The stalwarts, the stars
Twinkling loftily, they terrify
Armed with even larger and sharper.
Killer tools, complicated grammar
Sharpened arsenal of words
From an alien language
Circling in large schools
In dark interconnected waters.
I fear their power to team
To strike the unwary novice
I do not dare let go the anchor
Of shallow shores
I’m willing to forsake
The thrill of riding
Crashing waves of discovery
Cause I see shadows and fear
At times the pointed fin
Of a great white veteran
Circling out there to tear me
And mince me to pieces
With killer reviews and blurbs.

Let me be – the shadow
Who am – I ?
Shuffling in glass walled corridors
Mostly with downcast eyes
And if eyes do meet
I’ve learnt to quickly demure.
I don’t have a pretty face,
No Indian rebel appearances,
No lush dark cascading curly mane
To toss around in disdain
For the lesser erudite folks
No large bindis on my forehead

Making a visible statement
No khol lined eyes saucily
Promising reincarnated dreams,
No soft linen yards draped around
Exposed curvaceously sashaying Waist
Advertising boldly their elite Indian-ess
Mostly I’m just a plain Jane
Garbed in non descriptive Indian gown
Working hard to blend at best
with the grey glass walls or at worst
Like a yes man minus a thinking cap
Gasping on the mundane sans makeup
Covered in cotton comforts
No curves no drools no lisps exposed
No ah I told you so
In YouTube acquired foreign accents
Ah no sashaying,
No luscious ruby lips
To lull you while reading stark verdicts
I’ve no right to pretend and
Stake a claim that I write poems.

By Seema Jayaraman

Seema says “I am fledgling on the shores of creative writing, having jerked out of my self absorbed complacent life into compulsive writing through Poetry after coming across the images of a little boy washed up ashore the Aegean Sea – a victim of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and I found myself typing out A Father’s Grief which since then has appeared in a few anthologies and online sites.”

Seema is a Mumbai based writer who’s had a good exposure to international shores, thanks to an IT career and to the rich Indian culture.

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