About Poets Corner

Platform for aspiring Poets

Welcome to Poet’s Corner, a vibrant digital platform for aspiring poets! Run by arts charity Leaveners, ‘Poets’ Corner’ showcases work of aspiring poets of all ages, backgrounds and styles. ‘Poets’ Corner’ creates education and exhibition opportunities.

The network is growing fast, so get involved too! Read new work, be inspired, leave feedback… and why consider one of the following opportunities?


Are you an aspiring poet? You can submit a body of work to be the ‘showcased poet of the month’. This will give you the opportunity to be mentored by an experienced poet, improve your work and learn how to further develop your skills. Submission rules:

  • You are an aspiring poet, who has not published work on a large-scale before.
  • You submit at least 7 publishable poems to jorine@leaveners.org
  • You provide at least two contact opportunities (such as email address and phone number)
  • If the Guest Poetry Curator chooses your work, you need to respond to the invitation within 5 working days.

Learn more about this opportunity through reading the experience of Poet of the Month June 2015, Elinor Cole.

Throughout the year, ‘Poets’ Corner’ introduces Open Calls around specific humanitarian themes. You can submit your poetry to contribute to important online archives. Read more about these opportunities here.

If you are an experienced poet, who is keen to share skills and knowledge with our aspiring poets, you can apply to become a Guest Poetry Curator. Your tasks will include to curate submissions, help poets to publish their work and promote ‘ Poets’ Corner’ both online and offline. This is a great way to give something back to aspiring poets and to build your mentoring skills. Get in contact with jorine@leaveners.org for more information and the application form.

Who are the Leaveners? Leaveners is a charity that promotes social engagement and change through the arts. Find out more on www.leaveners.org // http://www.facebook.com/Leaveners  // Twitter @Leaveners
Get in touch to find out more about Leaveners or ‘Poets’ Corner’ through jorine@leaveners.org or call 01214140099

Leaveners arts charity - art inspiring social change


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