Poetry for Change

Poets’ Corner regularly published collections of ‘Poetry for Change’. These collections are based on topics around social change, diversity and social perspectives. Poets of any age, background, experience and style can submit work, following an ‘Open Call’.

Poets’ Corner is run by arts charity Leaveners. Leaveners is a community arts organisation that offers a unique, high quality programme of arts-based workshops, projects and activities. Established in 1978, our aim is to draw upon contemporary Quaker values to explore meaningful interaction and conversations about challenging issues, using arts as inspiration for social change.

September 2015 Displacement: Stories of Hope and Humanity
During the month of September 2015 on Poets’ Corner, arts charity Leaveners introduced its poetry collection on the theme of ‘Displacement: Stories of Hope and Humanity’. In 2015 60 million people worldwide were suffering from displacement (UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, 2015). People fled their homes and countries due to causes of war, conflict and injustice. Through the poetry archive on Displacement, ‘Poets’ Corner’ aimed to uncover the stories of compassion, camaraderie, and kindness that swim beneath the surface during these times of great suffering, helplessness and hardship.

Displacement, poetry on hope and humanity, by arts charity Leaveners

January 2016 Neighbours: Intimate Strangers
The poetry collection ‘Neighbours: Intimate strangers’ explored our relationship with the stranger next door. For centuries people have been fascinated by strangers moving in next door. Whether you fear or embrace your unfamiliar neighbours, stories about ‘us’ and ‘them’ are still present in today’s public debates. In the poetry collection ‘Neighbours: Intimate strangers’ poets shared stories of twitching curtains, keeping up with the Jonses, of the helping hand next door. In a time of globalization and a seemingly individualized society, these series of beautiful poems ask us to reflect upon the people who live closest to us.

Poetry on Neighbours, intimate strangers, by arts charity Leaveners

July 2016 Identity: All of Me
During the month of July 2016 we will be publishing a collection of poems with a personal touch, exploring different angles, layers and ideas on identity. We ask all poets and writers to submit poetry that invites readers to consider, question and rethink what identity means. Read how to submit before 1/7/2016

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