Neighbours: The Night The Lights Went Out

She took a small canvas bag
from the cupboard under the sink,
filled it with an assortment of nightlights –
vanilla, blueberry, winter spice –
added a couple of dumpy glass holders,
a box of matches, a bar of chocolate.
The house on the corner was in darkness,
the knock on the door answered
with a tentative ‘Who’s there?’
Years later, they laughed about the tea,
the water boiled in a pan on the gas ring;
the shortbread eaten straight from a tin
intended as a Christmas gift;
the chocolate eaten square by square;
the shimmering candle flames
shining light into the darkest corners.

neighbours theme3

Angi Holden

Angi Holden is a freelance writer, whose work includes prize winning
adult & children’s poetry, short stories & flash fictions, published
in online and print anthologies. She brings a wide range of personal
experience to her writing, alongside a passion for lifelong learning,
Her family are central to her life and her research into family history
is a significant influence on her work.